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August 17, 2010
Did You Know?
August 17, 2010

Bedbug Do’s and Dont’s

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite! Do call SBBS!


  1. Do not throw away furniture. Moving mattresses, box springs or furniture disrupts bed bugs, causing them to scurry away and spread throughout the room. With each movement of the furniture, there is risk that you are depositing eggs and live bed bugs in different places throughout your home or place of work. Moving furniture is one of the most common ways to intensify your infestation.
  2. Do not assume that bed bugs only live in your bed. Bed bugs prefer to live near their host and are thus attracted to any place people spend significant amounts of time. While they are generally found in the bedroom, bed bugs have been known to nest in books, in couches and armchairs, and even behind light sockets. When agitated, bed bugs can travel up to 20 feet from their nest to the host in order to feed.
  3. Do not turn over the mattress and box springs as this will expose the bed bugs and cause them scurry and expand. Do not take any clothing or belongings outside of the infested room. If you choose to move into another room within your home/business or a friend’s house do not wear clothing or bring belongings from the infested room.
  4. Do not try and treat it yourself. Bed bugs are the most difficult pest to eradicate. They have evolved to become resistant to many professional strength pesticides and weaker over the counter treatments are especially ineffective. Chemicals that do not directly kill every single bed bug on contact will exacerbate the problem by causing them to spread.


  1. Do save any bed bugs you find. Bed bug bodies, eggs and cast skins are important evidence in identifying the source and extent of the problem. You can show this evidence to landlords, pest control professionals, and researchers. To collect evidence, use clear tape to trap the bed bug and stick it onto a white piece of paper or index card. Bed bug sightings can be rare, so take advantage when you do see one!
  2. Do pay attention to who is being affected by bed bugs. Take notice of when and where you or others are being bitten. Brainstorm ways the bed bug infestation may have reached your house or business, including recent travel, new furniture, or visitors.
  3. Do walk out and lock out. In households, and especially in commercial settings, the less human contact that bed bugs have the better. Do your best to leave the infestation undisturbed and quarantine the site of infestation. This will prevent the spread of the infestation and make it easier to eradicate the pest completely. Leave everything in place and call Superior Bed Bug Solutions. We will respond immediately.
  4. Do conduct careful research. Look carefully when choosing a pest control operator. Bed bugs are a tough adversary, and there are many available treatments. Often, traditional methods do not work on bed bugs and can intensify the problem. Begin your research here, where we compare the different approaches available and explain why SBBS chooses to employ heat treatment.

Did You Know?

  1. Bed Bugs feed solely on blood and prefer human hosts.
  2. Adult Bed Bugs are the size of an apple seed and change color from brown to reddish brown as they swell up with blood.
  3. Bed Bug eggs are sticky allowing them easily travel by adhering to clothing and luggage
  4. Bed Bugs are very resilient. They can live bed bug can live up t0 18 months without a blood meal.
  5. Bed Bugs are active at night and their soft flattened bodies allow them to fit into cracks and crevices during the day.
  6. Although bed bugs carry pathogens in their body, the transmission of diseases through bed bug bites is considered unlikely.
  7. References to bed bugs have been found in medieval European texts and classical Greek writings.
  8. The Scientific name for Bed Bugs is Cimex Lectularius which mean “Bed Bug” in Latin.

Source: Dr. Potter : http://www.ca.uky.edu/entomology/entfacts/ef636.asp

Call Superior Bed Bug Solutions and Sunny will work with you to detect every bed bug within your home or business.

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