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Bed Bug Heat Treatment is safe, efficient and the single most effective way to eliminated bed bug infestations. Heat treatment kills bed bugs at all life stages, from egg to adult and is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings.

beg bug thermal heat treatment near meThe SBBS thermal remediation system comprehensively eliminates bed bugs by raising the room temperature to a threshold point beyond which they cannot survive. Our environmentally-friendly process eradicates all bed bugs thoroughly, quickly, and without the use of any chemicals.

Once bed bugs have found a host, they rapidly multiply and spread. In an entomological survey conducted by the University of Kentucky, pest control companies overwhelmingly stated that bed bugs were the hardest pest to eradicate – often needing over 4 treatments with conventional methods.

Conventional treatment methods such as pesticides and other spot treatments are often counter-productive, as they cause bed bugs to spread and expand the infestation further throughout the property.

Consequently, bed bugs advance deeper into walls and spread throughout the house in search of new blood sources. Once the infestation expands it becomes much more difficult to combat.

Bed bug infestations are traumatic and lead to significant distress. If you are suffering from a bed bug infestation you want the nightmare ended as quickly and possible. Our heat treatment services will eliminate all bed bugs in a single day without putting toxic pesticides near your bed.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment is Effective

Heat Treatment is the most efficient and cost effective way to completely eradicate bed bug infestations. Bed bugs at all life stages including eggs are unable to survive in temperatures higher than 125 degrees. The heat released penetrates walls and permeates every square inch of an infested room to ensure that it is clean and clear of bed bugs. This makes heat treatment ideal for both residential and commercial buildings.

Bed bug infestations are traumatic and SBBS is here to help.

Treatment Comparisons

Below is a description comparing some of the most popular bedbug treatment methods:

 Heat Treatment
(SBBS Solution)
PesticidesFreezing / CryoniteFumigation
Treatments Required13-42-31
Treatment DetailsKills all bed bugs in one treatment.* Every bed bug must be sprayed to avoid widespread reinfestation.

* Residual powder based pesticides take effect over a period of weeks.

* Multiple treatments can take months to complete.

Only effective when directly applied to the bug; usually accompanied by pesticides.5 day evacuation required.
Environmental EffectsNoneHighModerateHigh
Environmental Details* NO HARMFUL OR TOXIC chemicals or ingredients released onsite.

* Temporary elevation of room’s temperature to induce natural expiration of bugs.

Legal pesticides often carry the following detrimental environmental effects:

* Runoff into water supply.

* Absorbtion into soil particles.

* Spray Drift of toxins into the air.

Cryonite releases CO2, harmful to the ozone layer.* Vikane, the active ingredient in fumigated areas, is extremely toxic to all living organisms
Disruption of Daily Life / BusinessLowHighHighHigh
Disruption Details* Heat - susceptible items – such as photos and wax products – are removed from the room by our technicians.

* All bed bugs are killed in a single 8 hour treatment.

* No harmful toxins or disposition of furniture.

* While people and pets must leave the room during treatment, elevated room temperature has no persistent effects.

* Pesticide applicators require that you discard all infested furniture.

* Special preparation and expensive laundering by the customer required for all salvageable products.

* Special laundering and bagging of items by customer.

* May require disposal of infested furniture prior to treatment.

Required steps:

* Tenting the site Covering or removing all furniture from a house or building.

* Evacuation of the premises for at least 5 days.

Danger / ToxicityNoneHighHighHigh
Danger DetailsBed bugs cannot survive temperatures over 125 degrees. No additional toxins released.Toxic chemicals within pesticides are harmful not only to bed bugs, but also to people and pets.Cryonite used without pesticides is harmless to human beings and pets, but does carry harmful environmental impact.* Highly concentrated toxic chemicals permeate the tented house or building.

* Few insurers provide coverage of this treatment due to highly flammable gas.


Overall EffectivenessHeat and steam treatment is a simple, cost efficient and effective method of bed bug remediation. Bed bugs will be eradicated in 1 day with minimal disruption to your business or home.Pesticides carry significant environmental and health risks, and cannot be deployed without substantial interruption to your daily routine. Additionally, bedbugs’ resistance to pesticides is enabled by this treatment approach, and mitigates the effectiveness of pesticides.Though the risk to humans and pets is substantially lower than that of pesticides, freezing/cryonite is a spot treatment, and often requires multiple applications to kill all bed bugs.Though effective in eliminating bed bugs,it is extremely expensive. Fumigation results in significant disruption to daily life, and, if misapplied, can devastate property, pets, and the surrounding environment.

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