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Commercial Bed Bug Treatment Solutions for Businesses.

If you manage property or run a hotel, the last thing you want to worry about is a bedbug situation.

commercial bed bug treatment near meUnfortunately the bed bug epidemic persists, and is driving costs up. In addition to protecting your reputation from these parasitic insects, you must resolve infestations quickly and completely to stop this pest from spreading to other units. SBBS we understand this and are ready to help. Commercial bedbug canine detection and thermal remediation available to businesses throughout Northern VA, Washington DC and Maryland including Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfast, Inns, Extended Stay Living, Dorms and more.


Partnering With SBBS Will Allow You to Sleep Tight.

Our efficient thermal remediation system will save you money by eliminating all bed bugs within 8 hours, saving all furniture, and having rooms back online or your tenant back in their apartment the same day with all bed bugs gone!

We also offer ongoing protection services constructed specifically to meet the needs of commercial properties. Our customizable packages allow you to proactively shield your business from infestations, and swiftly eliminate bedbugs before they get out of hand.


Our Commercial Bed Bug Treatment Package Includes:

  • Quarterly Inspections: Regular visits from a certified canine team to proactively safeguard your business from infestations.
  • Priority Heat Treatment Services: Guaranteed treatment of your room or rental property the very same day.
  • 24/7 Support: Affordable and immediate room inspections to address any bed bug complaint.
  • Staff Partnerships: Workshops in Spanish and/or English to educate your staff on detection, prevention, and infestation response protocol.
  • Legal Documentation: Certificates recognizing your proactive and reactive efforts, including documentation of all services rendered to each room on your property.

Create a commercial inspection annual package the best suits your needs.

Compare Our Heat Treatment to Conventional Pesticide Treatment

Reaction to TreatmentBed bugs are naturally attracted to heat. Once the heat starts, they come out of their hiding places, look for and move toward the heat source.Bed bugs are sensitive to pesticides and avoid them at all costs. This leads bugs to spread out and hide deeper in cracks and crevices.
Resistance to TreatmentBed bugs use human body heat along with CO2 to find their food source. Because of this innate attraction to heat, they will never build a resistance to Thermal RemediationBed bugs are developing resistance to pesticides
Coverage of Treated AreasHeat from Thermal Remediation penetrates everywhere. The hot dry air in the treated areas kills all life stages of bed bugs instantly.Pesticides applicators have to guess where the bed bugs are. When they guess wrong, bed bugs spread out throughout the room and into adjacent rooms and units, worsening the situation.
Environment ImpactThermal Remediation is completely safe for family, pets and the environment.Pesticides are toxic compounds and create a potential risk from exposure to residuals.
Effectiveness / Number of treatmentsEffective in 1 treatmentTakes 3 treatments or more
Number of nights your belongings will have to stay Boxed/Bagged0Average of 14 to 21 days

Compare Our Heat Treatment
to the Competition

EquipmentSBBS has invested in Temp Air’s Thermal Remediation Equipment. Our equipment is safe, effective, and specifically manufactured for bed bug elimination. It uses dry electric heat that kills bed bugs at all life stages upon contact.Our competitors use propane heat or create a heat chamber that encases the bed. Propane heat can be dangerous and is not dry enough to kill bed bugs. The heat chamber process is problematic because it does not address bed bugs located outside of the furniture.
TreatmentBed bugs are rarely confined to the bed. Our system allows us to heat the entire hotel room. Our system kills all bed bugs from eggs to adult in a single six hours treatment.The heat chamber only heats furniture. Therefore, bed bugs and bed bug eggs on the carpeting and walls must be treated with pesticides. Pesticides are often ineffective on bed bugs and can spread the infestation to adjacent rooms.
Adjacent Room TreatmentOur Thermal Remediation system uses convection heat which attracts bed bugs to the heat source (the electric heaters). Therefore there is no need to treat adjacent rooms.Our competitors spray the perimeter which often causes bed bugs to flee. Thus our competitors will charge you to treat the adjacent rooms and in many cases will have spread the infestation.

Heat Treatment is the safest and most effective way to eliminate bed bugs.