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Tanya C, Arlington, VA – ” I am happy to report that this company came to my home quickly (called on Friday afternoon and they were there at 8 am sharp on Monday morning) with a no bed bug determination.  They obviously have interest to say otherwise.  The inspector does a respectful and thorough job with a search dog.  It was worth every dollar!   I definitely recommend if you are concerned you may have an infestation and need to take care of it.”5 star review


Claire G, Washington DCI called SBBS yesterday, and they were at my house first thing this morning. Some places I called couldn’t send someone out for a bed bug inspection for another week or charged $250.  The dog did a very thorough inspection of the house, didn’t find a thing, but my concerns were taken really seriously. This is a great company to work with.”5 star review


Kate D, Washington DC – They came out within a day of calling them and inspected my unit as well as 12 others in my building. We wanted to make sure I was the only one with a problem. The inspector and his dog found bugs in my bedroom and (thankfully!) nowhere else in my building. The inspector was so helpful, thoughtful, informational and honestly, kind of acted like a therapist for me during our time together. I think he was well-aware of how stressful it had been and was really supportive. They came back out within a few days after I prepped (treated my clothing, removed it from the unit, cleaned, purged, etc) and I went to work and they did their thing for the day and left. Stuff was a bit out of place and there was some dirt blown around but all was forgiven when I saw that they put my bed back together which was a huge issue for me to take apart by myself. So sweet! That definitely wasn’t part of the agreement but was so appreciated and thoughtful. All that said, the heat treatment worked, is “organic” and minimally invasive. I definitely recommend this place and their heat treatment. My 600 sq ft unit and inspection of all 12 units was about $1700. Not bad for piece of mind and a relatively quick fix. The things I was doing on my own did not work and were so time-consuming. Call them!”5 star review


Bonnie B, Takoma Park –  “Brought their doggie in to check for bedbugs. Phil (the human) was professional and knowledgeable”5 star review


Muhammad I, Herndon, VA – ” We did an inspection for the piece of mind. Their service was great, the inspection was scheduled the same day. The dog could not find any bugs in the house. The inspector also searched and the results were negative.”5 star review


Jill M, Hydes, MD – “The inspector was incredible. She went above and beyond in educating me about bedbugs and other bugs that can cause bites and skin irritations. Fortunately I didn’t have bed bugs, but I feel far more confident in being able to determine if I do on my own in the future thanks to her patience and knowledge.”5 star review


Scott Y, Herndon, VA – “SBBS performed an initial inspection and found a minor infestation. They made a recommendation that fit the problem without trying to oversell the solution. The representatives were very courteous, professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.”5 star review


Gregorio H, Alexandria, VA – “They checked my entire condo thoroughly with their dog for bed bugs and none was found. Very polite, thorough and punctual.”5 star review


Patricia B, Temple Hills MD – “They did a bed bug inspection for me and discovered that I instead had carpet beetle larvae. They informed me of how to take care of this, which I was able to get taken care of myself. They were very thorough in their inspection. I found them to also be very reasonable in price. They were very kind, and knowledgeable and honest. I am going to recommend them my friends.”5 star review


Mary S, Washington DC – “I recommend that SBBS give a raise to the technician (Marvin) who was sent to do the inspection, and a large bone to his little dog helper!  I travel quite a bit for my job, and stay in many hotels throughout the year.  I began to suspect a beg bug issue, and consequently did tons of internet research on symptoms, causes, solutions, etc.  Believe me, this is not a subject to take lightly. Based on my readings, I was convinced I had the critters and knew I had  to act promptly.  I researched the best methods of treatment and decided on the heat, vs. chemical option.  I knew this would be a “big deal”, given the fact that I live in an apartment building.  The company quickly sent a representative (with dog) to assess the situation.  I was SO impressed with the understanding, empathy, and professionalism of Marvin. He spent a lot of time carefully checking out the bed, closet, living room  furniture, etc.  He assured me there was no infestation, and that the place was clear of bed bugs.  As you can imagine, I was very, very relieved.  Marvin also showed me samples (in a small tube), explained how to look for the bugs in hotels, and gave me other tips.  If need be, I would not hesitate to contact SBBS again.  Although I can’t comment on their heat treatment service, because I didn’t need it,  If all their reps are as professional, courteous and  customer service oriented as  Marvin,  this company is an excellent one.”5 star review


Susan S, Arlington VA – “The SBBS technician who came to our office was extremely professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and patient.   He was very careful with his inspection (he was accompanied by a dog trained to pick up bed bugs), answered the hundred questions we asked, and gave us very helpful advice.  We never felt rushed.  His diagnosis was that there was no evidence of bed bugs  — we really appreciated the company’s approach to an honest assessment.   We would recommend the company, and call them if a problem were to develop.”5 star review


David C, Richmond VA – “Our girl’s boarding school discovered bed bugs just as the new term began. One of the international students apparently gave them a ride in some luggage. Despite being 2 hours away SBBS came immediately and treated the dorm rooms and common spaces. Problem solved! We were so glad we used the dogs and heat treatment instead of the chemicals.”5 star review


Sara A. Washington DC – “I had a great experience with SBSS! As many of the other posts note, if you’re having a bed bug scare, it’s not pleasant. My husband and I stayed at a hotel with bed bugs. We physically saw them. We took precautions when we got home, but the fear still lingered. I called SBSS and they came out that week with a dog. They explained the “facts” of bed bugs to us. I wish I had called the experts sooner! Very professional, helpful and courteous!”5 star review


Olivia M, Washington DC – “If you have ever had a bed bug scare, you know how it can take over your life. Well, I wasn’t going to live like that any longer, wondering if there were creepy crawlies hiding out in my apartment after my boyfriend’s home was treated for infestation, so I called up SBBS to do a canine inspection of the place.

I called on a Friday afternoon and was able to book an appointment for 8:00am on Monday. They told me the price up front – $175 for inspection, which was the best $175 I’ve spent. They showed up promptly and asked for any suspicious signs – I showed them a bug i found and it was identified as NOT a bedbug (phew). Sunny was adorable and checked throughout the apartment. After about 30 minutes and a thorough search, no signs of bed bugs were found. Just in case for the future, I asked to see samples of actual bed bugs and traces of them, and they had them in vials. They were also able to answer my questions about how one picks up bed bugs, how to prevent them. All in all, the inspection was very assuring and professional.

I think anybody in this situation, whether you rule bed bugs out or confirm you have them and get prompt treatment would be extremely happy, but SBBS goes above in beyond in specializing in these pests and makes you feel certain they will get to the bottom of your worries!5 star review


Daniel L, Washington DC – My wife and I were afraid we brought bed bugs back from a stay in London over the summer; we had guests coming and didn’t want to take our chances so we contracted SBBS for a screen. Our man arrived on time with the scent dog, and found a bug under our bed. It was a very small infestation (possibly as small as just a couple bugs) but we were tenants so went ahead and paid for the heat treatment. The peace of mind was a bonus, heat treatment is the only sure way to eradicate bed bugs. After a weekend cleaning, drying, and bagging every linen we owned, the 2 heat treaters arrived and spent the day on our apartment. I checked back once during lunch, but they had everything under control. Total cost was $175 for the screen and $1600 for the treatment; we have a 1-bedroom English basement in DC. | |Lesson learned: be careful on international travel, and if you believe you have an infestation do a test and treat. Worst case is you don’t have anything and are out $175. Best case is you catch an infestation early–it is much easier to treat then. We’d recommend SBBS for their good work if so. 5 star review



Hani U, Washington DC – SBBS inspected and terminated my bed bug problem. If you have a bed bug problem and you need it fixed, SBBS is the solution. They have a great staff, very friendly, very professional. They have a good warranty. One thing I hate about some service providers is that after they are done and gone, we need to do allot of clean up. SBBS made sure they cleaned up and rearranged everything they way it was.5 star review



Melissa H, Fairfax VA – My husband and I have had prior experience with bed bugs so we wanted to be safe when purchasing a new home. The technician showed up on time with his pooch, Sunny. He spent about 30 minutes searching the house from top to bottom and then reviewed with us what he found. Luckily we were bed bug free, however they found an abundance of carpet beetles. He showed us what they were and suggested how to deal with them. Superior only handles bed bugs so I did not feel like he was trying to sell me a plan or anything. Sunny was awesome. He was friendly and well behaved.5 star review



Nicole M, – Bryans Road, MD – The technician arrived on time and did a thorough search of the house with Sherlock. Confirmed visually what I suspected – that there were indeed bedbugs in my master bedroom. The technician was confident that the infestation was only a few weeks old and Sherlock the dog did not detect any evidence of bedbugs in any of my other rooms. I had the master bedroom and the two adjacent rooms heat treated and the bugs are gone without a trace over a month later. Heat treatment is not cheap, there is a lot of prep work that needs to be done as well as cleanup/set up after but that would be the case regardless of the treatment route you chose. How much would you pay for peace of mind? SBBS was the best solution to the most unpleasant problem of bed bugs.5 star review



David F. Burke, VA – Didn’t take long…went very well. Neither he nor the dog found any evidence of bedbugs, only a few harmless carpet beetles. I was concerned that he might” find” evidence so that he could then do the follow-up extermination. He was honest and professional…great job!5 star review



Mary D. COLESVILLE, MD – We had bed bugs one year ago that were eradicated by another company but we thought they had returned. The inspector and his dog checked all of the areas of our home, particularly the bedroom where we thought we had evidence of bed bugs.The inspector was very thorough and informed me that what we had experienced was not due to bed bugs. He showed me specimens of bed bugs and the residue they leave behind, and we did not have these.

He actually found a larva of a carpet beetle and explained that they can produce reactions on the skin that look like bed bugs. I had just thrown out a small piece of carpet that had been next to the bed, so that might have been the source of the carpet beetle larva.5 star review



Edith M. Clinton, MD – Heat treatment of whole house to kill bed bugs. No bugs after treatment. Did an excellent job. Took longer than planned but they stayed until the job was completed. I knew from my research it was going to cost me but decided on this method because it is believed to be the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs. We tried a lot of chemical treatments ourself without success.5 star review



Kay B. Arlington, VA – Their professional approach gave us great peace of mind that we did not have bed bugs. They also identified a different mysterious bug we found.5 star review



Claire C, Washington DC – After months of getting bites, the inspector came out with a dog and did a thorough search of our house. She spent over an hour, carefully examining every inch of our house. A previous company spent about 10 minutes and found nothing. It was great news initially, until we continued getting bites. The SBBS inspector found traces of bugs and recommended heat treatment. Of course we wanted to proceed as soon as possible. They fit us in within a week and treated the entire house with thermal heat remediation.

I can’t say enough good things about SBBS. They were knowledgeable, thorough, and very courteous. The inspector answered my many questions and provided excellent advice on how to deal with this awful problem. The treatment took a lot of preparation, but I believe that was necessary for the treatment to work.5 star review



Carneysha M, Suitland, MD – I had a heat treatment a little over a week ago. My family and I have not woke up with a single bite since then. I am very satisfied with my initial consultation and my service. Nightmare over!!!!5 star review



Mary F. Frederick, MD – They came and inspected our home for signs of bedbugs. Unfortunately, we already knew we had them because we were trying our best to eradicate them using everything we could find and think of. All of our research told us that we needed to use high heat, but the cost was keeping us from accepting that fact. After their inspection, they gave us instructions on how to prepare. Ugh, it’s a lot of work but we took it on! When they came to heat the house, they brought 3 trucks and 4 men. All very nice, informative and extremely professional. They didn’t take shortcuts and so far we haven’t seen hide nor hair (or pesty body) of the awful creatures. It worked and I think we are finally rid of them!

Somehow we got the pesky, horrific bugs through a friend of one of our kids. Last year was my introduction to the bed bug issue, and I spent hundreds of dollars on various types of treatment. It seemed that we got rid them but they kept coming back. For anyone who has experienced it they know how awful they are. Their bites are insanely itchy and it stays with you for weeks. (By the way, using a hot blow dryer for several seconds to heat up your bites until you can’t stand the sensation will take the itch away for a day or so – it’s a lifesaver). Superior Bed Bugs was understanding and much more reasonably priced than the other two companies I called. Maynor was the supervisor and made me feel comfortable with what their strategy was going to be. He gave me his cell phone number so I could ask for progress updates. I stopped by and was amazed at how hard they were working. We have a big, multi-story house but they didn’t leave anything undone. Thank you guys so much! I don’t know what we would have done without you! You definitely won’t be sorry if you hire them.5 star review



Diane M Chevy Chase, MD – Inspection determined infestation probably limited to 2 rooms upstairs. Inspector found same problems as the dog actually. I decided to only treat upstairs which means no warranty. Was able to schedule heat treatment in 2 days both of which we needed for all the prep work required. The team of two arrived punctually, worked very hard, did some extras like installing encasement covers and hauling out bed frame. Very personable and hard working crew. House took quite awhile to cool down.5 star review



Teiko A Alexandria, VA – In the spring I got a notice from my apartment that they were needed to do inspections for bed bugs- I should have seen this as a foreshadowing of things to come. A few weeks after the inspections were done I was suddenly waking up with bites on my arms! Thinking they were mosquitoes I continued sleeping in supposed bliss. That is until I noticed that the bites were only showing up when I woke up in the Am and finally I saw my first bed bug on my ceiling.

Freaked out and called my apartment management to treat the issue. After 3 WEEKS of sleeping in the living room while my place endured a chemical treatment I returned to my bed only to start getting bitten again.

I immediately decided to forgo the apartments basic pest control and hired SBBS. I called the number provided at 9pm in a Sunday night and was preparing to leave a message when I heard a voice on the other line! talk about dedication! Jesse and his team were at my place 3 days later and heated that baby up.
If you have ever had to endure a chemical treatment you will know that you have to wash and dry all your stuff seal them in bags and empty all cabinets shelves etc- this process alone is so emotionally and financially draining and not always successful.
I didn’t need to do a thing- kept my clothes in the closets and only had to remove pressurized items (hair spray etc) and melt-able things (candles chocolate etc).

Not only did they heat up the place and pretty much burn EVERY critter in my place but they sealed off my apartment so that more bugs couldn’t get in.

Despite their efficient and good work having a neighbor who is a HOARDER cannot keep you immune for long. A few weeks later I saw another bed bug. Instead of lamenting my fate I called Jesse and he and his team scheduled a COMPLIMENTARY treatment that would coincide with my move out date to ensure that I didn’t inadvertently bring any of those pests with my to my new apartment.If this isn’t customer service I don’t know what is.

The showed up with EXTRA heat this time and heated up the place. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for SBBS. It is worth the money. A previous reviewer complained about things being shifted around in their place– that’s nothing compared to having to wash and dry ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS and keep them in plastic bags for 3 chemical treatments that can only be done once a week and don’t even work.

Thank You SBBS!!!!!5 star review



Pati Y Silver Spring, MD -Excellent! Sung and Sonny, the pup, came to my house and checked the whole house to find I did not have bed bugs but did have carpet beetles. They found the same evidence that ORKIN found and screwed up misdiagnosing them as bed bugs which of course would have been a major hassle and very expense to treat.5 star review



Kay T Arlington, VA – SBBS came to my rescue after we first tried another general Pest company using a chemical treatment. The bugs just moved to another room and now I have chemical spray drip marks along the tops of all my walls. The expert SBBS team was able to calm my fears by patiently educating me on the process and performed a thorough, one time treatment. They kindly came within warrantly time to confirm my house was “clean” once and for all. Great work, follow up and customer care when I was exasperated!5 star review



KG, Takoma Park, MD – If you have something as scary and awful as bedbugs, these are the people you want to have help you. The people at SBBS are wonderful. They are helpful, kind, reliable, and effective. Don’t try another company. Their detection and treatment actually works.

We had to have our elderly grandmother treated and they were fantastic. She had a lot of memory problems and needed a lot of extra care and attention. The staff at SBBS handled her situation with tremendous care, from managing her precious oil paintings to calling me when she tried to cancel her treatment in a moment of forgetfulness.

They also seriously honor their warranty..5 star review



Evelyn E. Arlington, VA – Having spent the past many weeks dealing with bedbugs and all that accompany them,working with Superior Bed Bug Solutions was an extraordinarily positive experience Their inspectors Sunny the Slueth and his “person” Sung Kim worked well together, were very business like and reassuring. I was left with a huge feeling of relief that I was at last bed bug free and felt like a huge load was lifted from my shoulders It is my intent to ask them to inspect my home every two months or so just to feel sure I am living in a bed bug free environment..If they say something good comes out of every experience then SBBS is indeed my positive experience here.5 star review



Kim C. Silver Spring, MD – About two weeks after a visit to NYC, I started having bite marks on my ankle. After a derm confirmed the marks were in fact bite marks, I reached out to SBBS to conduct an inspection. SBBS was able to schedule an inspection within 48 hours of me contacting them. Jesse, Stephanie, and Barker arrived promptly at the scheduled time. Jesse explained to me what they would be looking for and the inspection process. He made what was a very uncomfortable and stressful situation very relaxing. Barker was half bed bug inspecting dog and half therapy dog that day. He was seriously a great dog, did his job very professionally, and was also just a very friendly pup. Again, made the whole stressful process manageable. I was extremely lucky. After searching the bedroom, Jesse confirmed that there was no evidence of bed bugs. They also did a search of my furnished basement and my living room and again no hits. The inspection took about 30 minutes and cost $200 but was well worth the money. I would highly recommend SBBS.5 star review



Michelle M, Washington DC – After almost two years we thankfully remain bed bug free. I can’t thank SBBS enough for working with us to help us get out of that nightmare.5 star review



Liz. T: McLean, VA – I had an inspection this morning using SBBS. I just moved from a building with bugs galore and was concerned about the possibility of bringing something to my new place. Both Phillip and Sherlock did an amazing job and luckily found nothing! Phillip was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I felt like I could completely trust his professional oppinion. Luckily no further treatment was needed and I never felt pressure for any upsells. He was super knowledgable and Sherlock was very well trained. He arrived on time and spent the entire hour throughly going through my tiny condo. I would highly recommend Phillip and Sherlock to any SBBS customers!5 star review



Ericka T, Brandywine, MD – I just wanted to extend a great big thank you to Jeff, Jesse and Sunny the Sleuth! First off, I explained my situation to Jeff who was such a joy to speak with. He set up an inspection right away for me. Jesse and Sunny arrived at my home very discreetly and on time. I can’t begin to tell you how thoroughly impressed I was with the extreme detail that Jesse and Sunny gave us on their inspection. I even had my Terminix technician there as well just in case a bed bug was found and he needed to spray and guess what? Sunny the Sleuth found a bed bug in my bed slat that Terminix missed a week before!! I mean the crack in the bed slat was so small I can’t see how the naked eye could’ve even seen it! My Terminix technician was so impressed with Sunny that he couldn’t wait to get back to his office to say how incredible Sunny was. Jesse was very sympathetic to our needs and provided us with a solution to help us quickly get our lives back together. Just his overall knowledge of bed bugs suprised my fiance who was a bit skeptical of a canine coming, but boy was he impressed too! We hated to see Sunny go! We even told Jesse if he ever needs to go out of town, we would be happy to dog-sit for him! Thank you Superior Bed Bug Solutions so much. I will definitely refer you to all of my friends and family.5 star review



Soo C. Arlington, VA – I travel a lot and so when I recently had an allergic reaction and needed to rule out bed bugs, I called SBBS. They were prompt, professional and got right down to work. They were able to sniff out my entire place quickly, thoroughly and efficiently and fortunately found no pests!

Jesse and Sherlock were pleasant and highly professional and made a very uncomfortable and sensitive situation into a pleasant one. They were discreet in their correspondences and even in their presence. There was nothing written on their truck when they came for inspection for anyone to know what they were doing at my apartment building. The next time my paranoia or fears linger about the worry of bed bugs, I am going to contact them right away. The Inspection was $150 fortunately they didn’t find anything that needed to be treated! But seriously, double thumbs up to this crew. Thank you! I can now sleep easily again!5 star review



Sabrina F., Rockville, MD – Very, very pleased with SBBS. Was convinced I had BBs after several individual bite marks appeared on my arms and 2 on my daughter. I went to the dermatologist, and she thought some sort of bug was biting me. Terminex came out and said they found 1 shell but never showed my husband and I. No other evidence was found yet they were willing to treat us for nearly $900. I found SBBS and could not be happier with the services provided. Very thorough and knowledgeable and they help you understand the BB evidence we would find. SBBS is NOT out there to rip you off or make money for treatments you may not need. They will only treat if they find bed bugs. Jesse inspected every single piece of furniture and every little bit and pleat of our bedding and furniture carefully. Highly recommend. Nice to find an honest company still exists!5 star review



John S., VIENNA, VA – I travel quite a bit and have read about the surge in bed bug infestation that is occurring in even nice hotels. This was in the back of my mind when I found and caught a small insect on top of my sheets. Then I discovered several bites on my shin. A search online showed that the bug I caught looked similar to, but not identical with, a bed bug. The bites likewise could have been bed bug bites. A quick search of Angie’s List led me to SBBS. The use of trained canines coupled with visual inspection seemed to have validity. The price for an inspection seemed a little high, but the cost associated with training the dogs is significant, and if I had been unlucky enough to have bed bugs, the company would have applied the fee toward the cost of treatment. The tech showed up on schedule with canine inspector Sunny. The human part of the team, Sung, compared my prisoner bug with some exemplars in a vial and quickly determined that it was not a bed bug. Sunny checked the bedroom and the rest of the floor, followed by Sung’s thorough visual inspection. Fortunately for me, the inspection was negative and no treatment was necessary. Sung was very professional and answered all my questions, discussed how he would have treated the rooms if bugs had been found, and gave me useful tips to avoid accidentally bringing the pests home from travels. As for the bites, they were probably from a different bug, possibly chiggers, that I got when I walked through some tall grass earlier. I would definitely recommend SBBS for those who are worried that they have bed bugs.5 star review



Erica S., Arlington, VA – We had our home checked for bedbugs.It went great. My call to schedule the appointment was returned very promptly, and they were very punctual. I also appreciated that the appointment could be scheduled on short notice. The bug-sniffing dog is adorable. Plus, we were happy to learn that we don’t have bedbugs, and the peace of mind is great. I would use them again if I have reason to be worried (which I hope I won’t).5 star review



David S., Alexandria, VA – I used Superior Bed Bug Solutions for bed bugs. They were terrific. We had a problem and once we decided to use them they did a great job. They were terrific. This was a couple of months ago. I recall the price was high, but it was competitive. I hope I don’t have to use them again as they were treating us for bed bugs. But I would use their services again, if necessary, if we got bed bugs again!5 star review



Susan C, Silver Spring MD – This situation is a nightmare and if you suspect you may have bed bugs, don’t delay in calling a professional! We definitely recommend Superior Bed Bug Solutions (SBBS).

You don’t know what you don’t know. My husband went on a business trip and stayed in a military facility. About a month later, he started getting bites that bothered him a lot. We had no clue as to what they were. I cleaned, cleaned and put Clorox on the mattress, outside of the box spring, area all around the bed and threw out everything I could that was around our master bedroom.

Two weeks later, I started getting bites. The bites are big, swollen and usually three in a row. They itch terribly and usually are on the arms, ankles, neck, chest and back. After hours of research, I thought we might have bed bugs, but never found a bug. Even after searching and searching. THAT for me was a clue. You can get bitten for months and never find a bed bug. The psychological dimension of this is pretty awful.

I stopped sleeping in the king size, expensive, Temperpedic bed and spent nights on the couch. After one day of that, the husband and kids joined me – sleeping on the main floor of the house.

Still, we slept restlessly, afraid of getting bitten. It’s hard to find the bugs because they only emerge when they sense a change in the CO2 that is emitted during the human sleep cycle that tells them you are in the “paralyzed” state of sleeping. They emerge to feed at that point. That’s why you don’t feel the bites. Also, they inject an anesthetic into your skin while they feed on you. (5 minutes per bite). Finally, after much searching…we found one dead bug – under our King size bed – and matched it w/internet pictures of bed bugs.

They are incredibly small and look like small apple seeds. More research and I found that the fastest way to get rid of them was to superheat the rooms where you suspect they are.

At this point, we were desperate to get some order back into our lives, so I called Superior Bed Bug Solutions after reading the reviews.

So – the review: They guys from Superior Bed Bug Solutions were great. They educated us about what was going on and what our options were. Using chemicals and insecticides can be a big mistake, as some bed bugs are becoming resistant to them.

Also, often times the insecticides won’t actually kill the bedbugs unless it get directly on them. From what Jesse (the owner) told me, they detect the chemical and move to a different location. You might kill some, but not all.

They (SBBS canine team) were prompt – Jonathan came out for an initial consult right away and on time. He understood why we were so distraught; brought his dog – who wasn’t all that necessary because I had already found a bug – but still interesting to see if he got any “hits”.

Jonathan, the handler, gave me to soonest appointment that he could for heat treatment – and in four days, at 8:30 a.m. – two other young guys arrived with a truck full of huge super heaters. They were nice, polite and careful. They set everything up and started super-heating the entire upstairs. We had to prepare for this, however, and it’s a LOT of work. We sent all – I mean ALL the laundry that hadn’t been washed…and there were. by now 20 loads – because I had started washing every single piece of clothing, curtains, rugs, towels, stuffed animals, etc. etc. etc. days before and putting it in bags – sealing it and moving it to our downstairs floor – out to a laundry matt to be cleaned. We had thrown away every piece of junk – even good junk – on our second floor and had already started taking furniture apart to spray with alcohol to kill any eggs. I can’t describe the amount of actually disruption we went through and are still going through to put our lives back together.

And now I’m really sick of reliving this nightmare…and will close. The guys did their job, and did it well. They sealed off the upstairs with space foil or something but went up into the heat every 30 minutes to turn the furniture and open all the bags of clean laundry to make sure everything got superheated.

Frankly, I don’t know how they survive that. We went upstairs with them once and couldn’t breathe. After it was all over, they cleaned up and left. UNFORTUNATELY, that night, my husband got a bed bug bite….and a day later, I found a live bug crawling on another bed in another room that had also been super heated. They guys promptly came back and did the whole thing over again. There was probably a cool spot in the upstairs where this bug had survived. AND, they young guys that came out made one mistake — they told us we could keep the air conditioning on in the downstairs of the house and it should have been turned off. It was an incredibly hot day already….and they were trying to be nice.

Once I found the live bug, took pictures and even a video of it on my iPhone…emailed it to the company …Jesse the owner came out to inspect himself. He was great. NOW WE ARE BED BUG FREE. AND i will do everything in my power to make sure we never have to go through this again. All in all, with washing all the clothes, and sending bags, and bags of laundry out to be washed, paying for the superheating, etc. we spent about 3 K. Now, to figure out how I’m going to avoid bed bugs when we stay at our beach rental in two weeks…..Go for Superior….it’s a sure thing! THANKS GUYS!5 star review



Kathy M, Springfield VA – We’ve been battling bed bugs for almost three years now, and have used two other exterminators in the past but the problem persisted. At this point, I was almost certain the bed bugs were only in the living room–in the expensive sofa and loveseat I recently bought to replace those I had to get rid of due to the infestation. I theorized these were of such high quality that, when the previous company treated the whole house, the little monsters just burrowed in deeper to stay alive. So I got the brilliant idea to have an upholsterer come in and open up the backs and bottoms of the furniture so the heat could really penetrate.

Superior arrived on time and quickly set up their giant heaters and fans. These were young guys; older men don’t do as well in the heat! They have to come in every half hour or so to fluff piles of clothes, turn furniture, rearrange the fans, and other things to make sure everything is heated thoroughly. I told them I was pretty sure the bugs were only in the sofa and loveseat, and that we had had the heat treatment before. I also told them about the opened furniture and that they should really blast both pieces.

When we returned from the beach eight hours later, the house was about 100 degrees, the railings were hot, and some things were out of place. The best thing is I haven’t seen any bed bugs or bites since then.

Superior Bed Bug Solutions was knowledgeable, quick to respond, efficient, and thorough. I am very happy with the job they did.5 star review



Casey H., Richmond, VA – Our experience with this company could not have been better. Jesse, the owner, was wonderful about answering our questions about bed bugs. His workers did an awesome job, and thanks to SBBS we were able to move without taking any bed bugs with us. We have been bed-bug free for a very long time now. Working with SBBS was much better, and less expensive, than working with larger pest-control firms that don’t specialize in bed bugs.5 star review



Molly F. – I moved and then three weeks later found out that my old roommate had bed bugs. I called SBBS and left a message for them on a Sunday and got a call back at 8AM on Monday. They were able to come inspect my home that day (and brought Sunny, who is adorable) to check the place out. Luckily, I am bed bug free, and I am very happy to have the peace of mind that comes with having had a professional come to inspect my home. I would highly recommend SBBS.5 star review



Ryan D., Fairfax VA – After moving into an older house (1939) and discovering a very large bug/insect/mice/snake infestation, I discovered a dead bug in our bed. This was coupled with unexplained bites in increasing frequency, most noticeable in the morning. Upon much speculation (and paranoia), we wanted to get verified proof if we did/didn’t have bed bugs.

I contacted Superior Bed Bug Solutions, left a message, and received a prompt call back (within hours). A technician and detection dog (Sunny) were scheduled to come very quickly (within a day) to inspect. I appreciated this due to the possibility of infestation. During the inspection, the technician was prompt and thorough. They checked all areas of my house, all furniture items, and bedding.

Even though Sunny didn’t respond to anything in the bedroom, the technician made sure to conduct a full visual inspection to all mattress, bedding, and surrounding baseboards and corners of the room. (By this point my paranoia was in full swing and I even had them check my car. Sunny hopped right in and sniffed around. This was an added bonus to GREAT service and professionalism.)

Additionally, he showed me a vile of actual live bedbugs at many different stages of development (including eggs). All in all, we were able to rest assured that our house was certified bed bug free. Inspection time took around 45 minutes (for 1200 sq. feet.) and cost $200. Not sure if this is comparable and/or competitively priced to other similar pest service companies in the area. I didn’t call around to check, mainly due to them responding so quickly to my request.

I would like to add that when searching for a service I looked may places and gathered a good deal of data. I chose Superior Bed Bug Solutions due to their online reviews (Yelp, Google, etc.), bed bug services being their ONLY line of business (within pest detection/protection/¬eradication), their trained canine component, and their heat treatment solution (heat versus chemicals that beg bugs have become immune to). Thankfully, we never had to seek treatment options, but I feel confident that Superior Bed Bug Solutions would do a thorough job.

If you are reading this post in light of a recent bed bug scare and concerned (aka, freaking out) over the possibility, let me say that you are not alone. Many people have experienced legitimate bed bug infestations. However, others have mistakenly identified commonly occurring normal life activity as bed bug activity. In my personal experience, the psychological effects of bed bugs FAR outweigh the ill effects of actual insects themselves. For weeks I went around searching every night for signs, spraying pesticides (which don’t really make a difference), freaking out, worrying 24/7, losing sleep, searching Google for hours on end, and letting it completely ruin my life and mental state.

There was a point I came to within all my panic that I just had to stop. I was losing sleep, drained all the time, effecting my wife’s sleep and mental well being (her having to deal with me freaking out all the time when a speck of dirt was on anything, thinking it was bed bug related), overall not thinking straight. Essentially, I blew bed bugs way out of proportion. They are really not any more than ground mosquitoes. We don’t have hysteria over them or ticks (both of which are “suck our blood”) like we do bed bugs. Mosquitoes and ticks both are known to carry potentially life threatening diseases (bed bugs are not). So is all the hysteria and media hype validated? Yes, they are a nuisance just as mosquitoes and cause similar itchy bites. But at the end of the day, they are just another bug in the world of bugs. Is a person likely to come in contact with the nearly microscopic things at some point in life?

Maybe, but why worry about it. We don’t really think twice about speeding down the road and running through a yellow light in a car, but that has a FAR greater chance to cause severe life threatening injury that a small little bug does. So to end my rant/advice, everyone needs to stop worrying about them, deal with them if you need to, and get on living life without worry and/or fear. There are plenty of other more important things to worry about in life. So that’s my observation, advice, and personal experience.5 star review



Jelli F., Arlington VA – I returned from a business trip/hotel stay panicked from a few bug bites on my foot. Not wanting to risk a bed bug infestation, we called SBBS (Sunny the Sleuth) to come check out my luggage before I took it into my home. Happily, we didn’t have a problem.

I very much appreciate the owner’s willingness to come out to our home at the last minute, late at night, and with little advanced notice under the circumstances. Judging by the amount of travel I do, we will be seeing Sunny again soon.

The only reason I’ve not given this company 5 stars is the fee. I was charged the same fee to inspect one piece of luggage that one would pay for a whole home. I was happy to pay the money and knew the fee before SBBS arrived to my home, but I wish there was some discounted fee structure for the short duration of the service. I’d be more willing to use the service more frequently upon returning from travel were this the case.5 star review



Tara, Arlington VA – First of all, if you are reading this and not sure if you have bed bugs, or think you are paranoid, or wondering if the money is worth it, or have been up googling images of bed bugs and bites all night long… then you already know that the only way to get rid of your doubt is to call in an expert.

As a side note, I’m a diligent cleaner and wash my sheets every two weeks in hot water, and have a mite/bug proof mattress covers and pillow protectors. I actually do this because I have a dust mite allergy, not because I have an ongoing paranoia about bed bugs (I swear).

I woke up this morning with a bite on my ankle, one by my toes, on my calf, and one on my lower back. This happened a couple weeks ago too and they itched like crazy. So bad it would wake me up in the middle of the night.

The first time, I was on my phone googling all night trying to compare my bites to other people’s, etc.

This time, at 3AM, I woke up itchy with new bites. I freaked out and immediately started searching for a service that could come in and check it out. I left a message through their website, and followed it up with a call at 8:45 this morning. I got a call back pretty quickly and they were able to come by at 1:30pm.

There were a couple of things that made me pick Superior Bed Bug Solutions: 1, it is all they do. They only do bed bugs so you know they are experts. 2, they use a bed bug dog (it was a pleasure to meet you Sherlock!) whose instincts I really trust. 3, they use thermal treatment if you have bed bugs (which is the most effective AND environmentally safe option out there). I just didn’t like the idea of using chemicals in and around my bed and my dog.

They showed up right at 1:30 on the dot. They (both dog and human!) were very nice. Right off the bat Sherlock was ready to work! We went upstairs to the bedrooms and they first did a visual inspection and told me what they were looking for. All of the signs they were looking for I had never seen before in my home, so I started to feel better right away. I also got to see what bed bugs look like because they brought a long a vial with some dead bugs in it.

Sherlock hopped up on the bed and poked around my room and got right to work. They did both my roommates’ rooms as well, and the living room. No bed bugs.

What they DID find were a few spider webs under my bed and a spider (or two, I don’t know). He suggested I just clean those out and be good about keeping it clean back there. I never thought I’d be so happy to have spider bites.

Completely worth the piece of mind. I cannot recommend them enough.5 star review



Margaret B, Reston VA – SBBS is a very methodical, environmentally friendly, effective, professionally run service. We were contacted promptly, taught about the procedure of ridding bed bugs from our home, advised about the time needed for preparation and for the actual process. Everything promised was delivered and the bed bugs are gone, in one day, with no chemicals. Jesse, David and Ed are all extremely well educated in this process and are very hard working professionals. Sonny, the dog, is brilliant too. I have told family and neighbors of this wonderful company.5 star review



Laurie K, Arlington VA – We discovered bed bugs at a beach house we were staying in in Ocean City on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We came home to Arlington right away, wondering what the heck we were going to do to keep the bugs that we figured were surely already in our suitcases out of our house and how we would find a company to handle this on a holiday weekend. We spent most of the drive home googling bed bug treatment companies and found Superior Bed Bug Solutions and saw the positive reviews on Google and yelp. We left our bags outside in our back yard and left a message at 7am for them on Saturday morning. Jesse called back within an hour and promised to be at our home a hour after that. We were thrilled. Jesse was great, thoroughly professional, prompt and patient. I loved the fact that his company uses a trained forensic dog, Sunny, to sniff out the bed bugs. Sunny found evidence of bed bugs in two of our bags. Jesse then provided us with a special heater to put our luggage into to kill any of the bed bugs and eggs. I can’t tell you how happy we were to know so quickly the extent of our issue. The inspection fee was $150 and renting the heater for a week was $100. I think the fees were very reasonable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to others. We have a small child, so I also appreciated the fact that they don’t use a bunch of toxic pesticides to kill the bugs.5 star review



M.I., Fairfax VA – Punctual, Courteous, Honest, Friendly, and Thorough! Willing to answer my zillions of questions and address every concern. Willing to double check to put my mind at ease. Thank you Superior Bed Bug Solutions! I would suggest this company to anyone facing this issue, They are a ray of sunshine in what can be a very dark situation. Special thanks to Jesse and Sunny.5 star review



Sarah R, Alexandria VA – I just got back from a trip from Spain, where I was eaten alive by bed bugs at one of the hostels where I stayed. Awful! When I returned, I was paranoid they traveled with me, and then I found a bug on my bed that looked just exactly like a bed bug. So I emailed Superior Bed Bug Solutions, and Jesse emailed back right away, was very nice, and was able to meet at the time I requested. He arrived on the dot, with his ridiculously cute dog inspector, Sunny. They completely saved my sanity, because Jesse looked at the bugs I had saved in a ziplock and told me they were carpet beetles. He even had samples of bed bugs (in a tightly sealed canister) so I could see the difference. YAY!!! After that, he and Sunny did a thorough inspection of my place to ensure I was free of bed bugs. They could not be nicer or more professional. I have a friend who is tortured by bed bugs in her apt complex and is made sick from the chemicals. These guys use heat and their methods are completely chemical free, so to me, these guys are the best! If I ever am tortured by a bed bug infestation (please God, no), I will definitely call Jesse again.5 star review



Misha S, McLean VA – Had Superior Bed Bugs inspect my place, they found bed bug infestation in all of the 3 bedrooms in the townhouse I live in. Helped me to install mattress covers as well. Was Happy with the prompt courteous service.5 star review



Allison B. – Bed bugs are the worst and Superior Bed Bug Solutions took care of it quickly! Their prices are great and their personnel were all very friendly and helpful. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone with bed bug problems.5 star review



Beth K. – And, three months later, still no sign of bed bugs! Thanks again, SBBS…5 star review



Lauren B. – Jesse and his team were the only bright spot in what was otherwise a horrible situation. A year ago I moved into a building that, unbeknownst to me, was infested with bedbugs. The problems was exacerbated by the fact that my next-door neighbor was a hoarder and the property management company was unprofessional and largely non-responsive.

In the context of this terribly stressful and disruptive situation, Jesse and his team were a source of solace. They explained the nature of the problem, the method of treatment, and the likelihood of success given that the property management company refused to treat other infested units. They were professional, courteous, and respectful of my belongings when they treated my apartment. And when I finally moved out of that horrid place but discovered that I had taken a few bed bugs with me, they treated my new apartment on a Saturday, on only about 15 hours notice, in order to make sure that my new home was bug free.

I recommend SBBS wholeheartedly.5 star review



J.C. – These guys are total pros. If you think you have a bed bug problem, this is the way to go, hands down. They were knowledgeable, thorough, and very professional.

We initially dealt with a company that our apartment building uses. They wouldn’t answer basic questions about the process and were really sketchy on giving us any information before OR after they treated our apartment. That’s why we decided to go our own way and try heat. From the first call, Jesse was great about telling us what they do, answered all of our questions, and talked to us for a good 10 minutes before we even set up an appointment. We actually called twice before setting up an appointment, and were impressed by how not-pushy he was. That was our first clue that this was a good company.

We set up the initial inspection, and David and Sunny (omg, I fell in love with this dog) came to check out our apartment. David was extremely knowledgeable. He even brought sealed samples for us to compare with anything we might have seen. We were immediately impressed with his questions and demeanor. He didn’t jump to conclusions or have that pushy quality that technicians sometimes have. We truly got the sense that he knew what he was doing and he shared his expertise with us.

All that was before Sunny even got involved. They did a top to bottom search, and at the end of the day, found that we did not have bed bugs. We were relieved, but also grateful for the honest assessment. I think it was clear that we were totally ready to pay for heat treatment, but they didn’t exploit our skeeved out paranoia. I thought that was particularly refreshing.5 star review



Brian O. – Without going into exhaustive and probably unnecessary detail of the whole experience, I want to say that I can’t be any happier with the service that Superior Bed Bug Solutions provided. While other companies collects checks and sends people over who only have no real knowledge of their practice or care for your situation, Superior provided the best service, knowledgeable help, and most importantly a real human experience. Jesse and David both clearly grasp the emotional aspect of this experience as well, and were able to deal with an anxiety-ridden mess like myself perfectly. From start to end, the service and performance of Superior far surpassed my previous experience with another company, and yes, no bed bugs. Don’t hesitate to call them up.5 star review



Kimberly D, Arlington VA – Let me start by saying I’m a big proponent of the heat treatment! We did not have to get rid of anything or do additional washing of all our clothes. (As a paranoid person I did run everything through the dryer!) I also need to preface this review with a statement we did not know our neighbors also had bed bugs so I had Jesse come to our house several times.

Finding 2 bed bugs in a screw hole in our bed frame was kind of traumatic for me, but Jesse and Sunny were fantastic through the entire process! Not only did Jesse answer his phone on a Sunday afternoon, he was out to inspect our townhouse in Alexandria the following evening. He listened to my concerns and answered all of our questions.

We had the entire house treated (about 1000sqft) and preparation for heat treatment was minimal and the day of our treatment the guys were on time. Jesse called several times during the day to give me an update and let me know when they were done. The hose w as a bit of a mess, but it reassured me that everything was treated.

With my heightened paranoia I have asked Jesse back twice to check. The first time was one month after the initial treatment. At this time he also checked both of our neighbors and we found what we believe to be the source of the problem (one neighbor had bed bugs on the bed during the day!) Jesse worked with us to try and treat both homes on back to back days, but the neighbors didn’t seem to want to seek treatment. As a precaution we had Jesse’s team come back and treat the house again and we moved within 24 hours! (I know this is not recommended but we have faith in Jesse’s services.)

We are now 2 months post move and we have not seen any bugs or bites (much to my husband’s dismay, I check the entire bedroom every 2 weeks!) But when I thought I found a bug this week, I called Jesse and he came over with Sunny to check the bug and rooms! Thankfully it was not a bed bug! The battle of beating bed bugs has been tough but Jesse I was continually impressed with the customer service and kindness Jesse shows when I freak out. It has been well worth the money!5 star review



Michelle M. – The people at SBBS were amazing! They talked us through our options and when the day came to inspect they did a very thorough job. They even offered to inspect our neighbor’s apartment for free (the suspected source of the bed bugs).

They gave us a great price to do the whole apartment and even offered us a special warranty because we were moving house the day of the treatment.

With the nightmare that dealing with bed bugs was SBBS was like a dream. It has only been 2-3 weeks since the treatment, but the peace of mind I have recaptured is basically priceless.

I will update if our status changes–but I don’t expect it will.5 star review



Ellen H, Arlington VA – Had some bites on my legs and thought they might be bed bugs. Totally freaked out – a co-worker had gone through hell and finally moved to a new apt to get rid of hers. Found SBBS here on Yelp and liked the reviews. Emailed Jesse and he and Sunny came by THAT EVENING! A Friday night – the start of Labor Day weekend!

They did a very thorough search and I really appreciated Jesse showing me exactly what the bed bugs look like and what their waste looks like and then telling me about where they like to live. He answered all of my questions very patiently. Sunny waited quietly until it was time to do his thing and he went all around and sniffed and checked everywhere in my little apt. Verdict: NO BUGS! Was so relieved. I even asked a few follow up questions about other bugs like fleas and Jesse gave good knowledgeable answers. I felt very confident in the whole experience.

And it’s true, Sunny is the cutest little detective ever! It definitely made the whole ordeal better to have a cute little dog come and check my place out and tell me I don’t have a problem! My day went from freaking out thinking I was in for a months-long ordeal to smiles and petting a cute dog! What could be better?

If you even suspect you have the dreaded bed bugs, don’t hesitate – just call SBBS and tackle the problem right away!5 star review



Michael W, Richmond VA – If you are reading this because you have bed bugs, do not hesitate, just call these guys immediately. Here’s our story. Somehow we brought a few bed bugs back from a beach trip to the OBX and a few months later we were being attacked nightly by these relentless critters. Even after numerous attempts to rid them on our own (washing EVERYTHING, purchasing a $100 mattress cover specifically for bed bugs, several “bed bug spray bombs” spot spraying and encircling the carpet around the bed with diatomaceous earth) we couldn’t get rid of them. With house guests due to arrive within a few weeks we decided to spend the money to have the condo professionally treated. Not knowing who to call, we turned to Yelp and found the previous reviews about SBBS to be extremely helpful. Everything the other reviewers mention about the process is true. Jesse and crew are professional, reassuring and very thorough in handling the extermination. The entire process for a one bedroom condo lasted from 8am – 4pm. We believe for the expense that Jesse has the best method compared to others in the Arlington area for getting rid of these bugs. It’s been two weeks since the treatment and not one bite yet and, hopefully, it stays that way! Thanks Jesse!5 star review



Alison T. –  Superior Bed Bug Solutions came to my apartment to check for bed bugs after I’d noticed little red marks that looked like bites. I wanted to get the apartment checked just in case it was bed bugs because it would have been much worse if it had spread to my roommate’s room and throughout the building. Jesse arrived right on time with Sunny the dog and they are both very professional. Jesse explained the entire process to me carefully and answered all my questions, including some that I sort of already knew the answer to from looking around online. He first did an inspection himself and then brought Sunny in to sniff around in all the bedding that the two of us had taken apart. He put down a vial with bed bugs in another room to show that Sunny is actually very well trained and accurate, and I’m a believer. Luckily he didn’t find anything in my room, but I also felt that it was a reliable search. Jesse helped me put the hard parts back together at the end. I had a very good experience with Superior Bed Bug Solutions and I would recommend them to anyone with a suspected or real bed bug problem.5 star review



Regina R, Alexandria VA – I have never felt compelled to write a review before, but being that I found this company on yelp, I feel the need to do so. Jesse and his company turned a terrible situation into a pleasant one.

I had no clue who to turn to for pest control, specifically a few bed bugs I found in my place after a recent trip. There were positive reviews on here, and given that I was going to call on a Saturday night and it said he answers his phone all the time, I gave it a try. Sure enough, he took the call and set up an appointment for the consultation for a day later.

Sunny the Sleuth (the dog) is the most adorable detective ever. He came in and demonstrated how he could find the critters, and proceeded to go to work. When it appeared that Sunny didn’t pay enough attention to a particular area, Jesse was great about redirecting him to search it again. They were both extremely thorough, and answered my numerous questions (Jesse, not the dog LOL). Even though I had been quoted regular price for the service over the phone, Jesse actually brought up to me the Yelp special price he had. That shows just how honest he is, and I was immediately comfortable.

I elected to have the service done after the initial consultation, and an appointment was readily available. Jesse and his aide Roberto showed up on time (he was prompt for both appointments). There is a lot of equipment, but they made virtually no noise during the hours they were there. I was able to work in my home office and wasn’t disturbed once. They discreetly worked away until the job was done. They showed extreme conscientiousness with my belongings and Jesse explained the process thoroughly as it was happening as well as afterwards.

I can’t say enough about this company, customer service, and professionalism. Being my first time ever contacting a pest control service, I had no idea what to expect. They not only took care of the problem at hand, but put my mind at ease at the same time. While I hope to never have to use the service again, I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone in need,.

And the fact that Jesse (and Sunny) are super cute was just an added bonus LOL!

Kudos to Jesse and Roberto.5 star review


Rebecca D, Washington DC – 4.5 – Gets less than the full 5 stars, but only because afterward, my room looked like an earthquake and a hurricane simultaneously ripped through the place. I’m rounding up because they make it very clear you’ll need to spend some time putting your belongings back in order, and it’s a small price to pay for the knowledge that those Satanic little creatures have withered away and died. DIED!

Heat treatment’s pricey, so I’ll go through the whole process to explain why it’s worth the money if you’ve got it.


After a month with no problems, I found three(!) bed bugs on New Year’s Eve. Panicked, I called SBBS around 9:30 pm, assuming I’d get a machine because seriously, who the hell calls pest control companies on New Year’s Eve? ME, that’s who.

Not only did I actually get an answer, I got a price quote and an appointment. Then, I ate eat ice cream sandwiches, watched Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve and fought the urge to down a bottle of NyQuil so I could actually sleep, knowing I was now a bed bug buffet.


Sunny the dog is criminally adorable, and the inspector/owner, Jesse, was respectful, thorough, and speedy . My whole group house had been on the lookout after I found a few bugs in my room, and I can guarantee we wouldn’t have located the little b**tards that were lurking in a second room until the problem was much worse without SBBS’s help.

An inspection costs $150, but you get it for free if you end up hiring them to KILL ALL THE BUGS. So, if you know you have them but perhaps have roommates who aren’t sure, it makes for a killer deal. (Pun unintended but not unnoticed. Sorry.) Anyway, bless whoever had the idea to start training obscenely cute animals to find these nasty critters. The quick cute overload really helps mitigate beg bug-related trauma.


A team of two showed up about 15 minutes early the next morning (they usually start around 8 a.m.) and got straight to work. If you have kids, I’d make sure to ship them off to daycare, or have the treatment done while they’re at school because there are so many cords and wires around that it seems like a disaster waiting to happen, if you throw little ones into the mix. (Dead bed bugs are great. Dead children, not so much.)

Anyway, they prepped the rooms – which involves a LOT of moving things around for even heat distribution – and got started with the giant heaters and fans. They set up shop on the main level and were incredibly attentive monitoring the temperatures, frequently going into the 130-140-degree room to shift things around to ensure thorough bake-age. I stayed home to keep an eye on things, but you can totally go to work and let them do their thing. These guys are meticulous.

When they finished after about 8 hours, they caulked the seams in the walls and around the power outlets to help keep bugs from sneaking back in. Finally, they helped me set my bed back up and took off. It took me a few days to get my life reorganized, but it was worth it.


YMMV, but I was quoted a price of $800 for the first room, $700 for the second, $600 for a third, and so forth. The second room we need treated was super tiny and we’re a pack of broke-ass post-collegians. Jesse was awesome and knocked $200 off the total price, so for two rooms, we were out $1300. If we find a live bug within a month, they’ll do another round of treatment for free.

Overall, it’s a steep price, but one treatment usually does the trick, and you don’t have to live out of plastic bags for months on end. I’ll update if I wind up with bugs in the near future, but for now, I’m completely satisfied.”5 star review


Lauren H. – “Bug sniffing dogs? Really? Really.

So I was freaked out. Just moved into a new place, woke up 2 mornings in a row with itchy bites, and already had a general level of anxiety about bed bugs. Enter fretting and Google searches. Enter SBBS. Exit fretting.

When Jesse answered the phone, he was very nice and super knowledgeable (and, importantly, calm) about bed bugs. He encouraged me to research other treatment options before confirming an inspection appointment, which seemed like a good sign. He quoted me the prices–$150 for an inspection of the whole house, and $800 per room for treatment. If you choose treatment with them, they refund the initial $150. I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to pay that $800. Jesse was able to schedule an appointment for that afternoon, no problem.

Jesse and the adorable bed bug-sniffing dog, Sunny, showed up on time and ready to go. Jesse showed me a little vial of bed bugs to let me know what we were looking for (freaky!). First he did a visual inspection of my room–checking all around the mattress, along baseboards, behind the curtains–all the while telling me exactly what he was doing and why. Then he brought in Sunny to sniff out the place. To show me how Sunny would react if he found traces of bugs, Jesse hid the vial of buggies deep in a sneaker and let Sunny find them. I was very impressed–that dog has a good nose. Luckily, Sunny didn’t find anything after exhaustively searching the whole house.

As far as I’m concerned, it was worth the $150 to banish bug anxiety. I felt really comfortable doing business with these guys and would definitely recommend them to anyone who thinks they might have bugs and wants a no-nonsense response.5 star review


David – My name is David. Recently, I suffered a spate of red welts on my back, accompanied by a rash and itching. Since I had read that bedbugs have become a problem in the mid-Atlantic region, I suspected that my welts were the result of bedbug bites, and that my bed, and possibly my entire apartment, was infested.

So, I began researching bedbugs, and the means available to exterminate them. I found that the two primary treatments are heat treatment and chemical treatment. Of the two, heat treatment is quick and clean, while chemical treatment takes much longer, involves extensive disruption, and may finally prove toxic to the resident. I chose to go with a company that specializes in heat treatments, and whose sole service is treating bedbugs. That company is Superior Bed Bug Solutions, owned by Mr. Jesse Jardim.

I called Mr. Jardim to schedule a treatment for my apartment, but Mr. Jardim persuaded me to let him do an inspection first, to see if remediation was actually in order. As he explained, the cost of the inspection was $150.00, but would be absorbed into the cost of the remediation if such were necessary, and that latter cost, for a large apartment such as mine, could be upwards of $3,000.00. I agreed to his suggestion, and Mr. Jardim came over promptly as we had scheduled, bringing with him “Sunny,” his very well trained “sniffer” dog. Mr. Jardim, aided by Sunny, personally inspected my apartment, with me present to assist with moving things, but, also, to allow him to teach me what the signs of an infestation are. The inspection took two hours, covering my bed and bedding, rugs, furniture, and clothing, not only for the bedroom but also the entire apartment. Mr. Jardim was very careful and thorough, and, step-by-step, he revealed how there was absolutely no evidence anywhere that the apartment was infested by bedbugs. As to the welts, he recommended that a dermatologist look at them. At the end, I was very impressed by the fact that Mr. Jardim’s assurances reflected his honesty as a businessman. He could easily have convinced me that I needed to have my apartment remediated, at a cost ten to fifteen times the cost of the inspection. Mr. Jardim’s honesty prompted him to act counter to his own financial interest. That does impress me.

As to the welts, the following week I consulted my dermatologist, who took one look at my back and concluded, “Oh, that’s just ‘winter itch.’ It will go away when the weather turns humid.” She cautioned me not to stand too long in the shower, and not to soap my back, since soap further dries the skin. She also wrote a prescription for a topical cream that cured the problem in two days. To share what I had learned, I told Mr. Jardim of her diagnosis. In turn, he asked for this testimonial, which I said I would be happy to provide: Superior Bed Bug Solutions will give a customer his or her money’s worth. Mr. Jesse Jardim is an honest businessman. He knows what he is doing. He gives good service.5 star review