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Tanya – ” I am happy to report that this company came to my home quickly (called on Friday afternoon and they were there at 8 am sharp on Monday morning) with a no bed bug determination.  They obviously have interest to say otherwise.  The inspector does a respectful and thorough job with a search dog.  It was worth every dollar!   I definitely recommend if you are concerned you may have an infestation and need to take care of it.”5 star review


ClaireI called SBBS yesterday, and they were at my house first thing this morning. Some places I called couldn’t send someone out for a bed bug inspection for another week or charged $250.  The dog did a very thorough inspection of the house, didn’t find a thing, but my concerns were taken really seriously. This is a great company to work with.”5 star review


Kate – They came out within a day of calling them and inspected my unit as well as 12 others in my building. We wanted to make sure I was the only one with a problem. The inspector and his dog found bugs in my bedroom and (thankfully!) nowhere else in my building. The inspector was so helpful, thoughtful, informational and honestly, kind of acted like a therapist for me during our time together. I think he was well-aware of how stressful it had been and was really supportive. They came back out within a few days after I prepped (treated my clothing, removed it from the unit, cleaned, purged, etc) and I went to work and they did their thing for the day and left. Stuff was a bit out of place and there was some dirt blown around but all was forgiven when I saw that they put my bed back together which was a huge issue for me to take apart by myself. So sweet! That definitely wasn’t part of the agreement but was so appreciated and thoughtful. All that said, the heat treatment worked, is “organic” and minimally invasive. I definitely recommend this place and their heat treatment. My 600 sq ft unit and inspection of all 12 units was about $1700. Not bad for piece of mind and a relatively quick fix. The things I was doing on my own did not work and were so time-consuming. Call them!”5 star review


Bonnie –  “Brought their doggie in to check for bedbugs. Phil (the human) was professional and knowledgeable”5 star review


Muhammad – ” We did an inspection for the piece of mind. Their service was great, the inspection was scheduled the same day. The dog could not find any bugs in the house. The inspector also searched and the results were negative.”5 star review


Jill – “The inspector was incredible. She went above and beyond in educating me about bedbugs and other bugs that can cause bites and skin irritations. Fortunately I didn’t have bed bugs, but I feel far more confident in being able to determine if I do on my own in the future thanks to her patience and knowledge.”5 star review


Scott – “SBBS performed an initial inspection and found a minor infestation. They made a recommendation that fit the problem without trying to oversell the solution. The representatives were very courteous, professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.”5 star review


Gregorio – “They checked my entire condo thoroughly with their dog for bed bugs and none was found. Very polite, thorough and punctual.”5 star review


Patricia – “They did a bed bug inspection for me and discovered that I instead had carpet beetle larvae. They informed me of how to take care of this, which I was able to get taken care of myself. They were very thorough in their inspection. I found them to also be very reasonable in price. They were very kind, and knowledgeable and honest. I am going to recommend them my friends.”5 star review


Mary – “I recommend that SBBS give a raise to the technician (Marvin) who was sent to do the inspection, and a large bone to his little dog helper!  I travel quite a bit for my job, and stay in many hotels throughout the year.  I began to suspect a beg bug issue, and consequently did tons of internet research on symptoms, causes, solutions, etc.  Believe me, this is not a subject to take lightly. Based on my readings, I was convinced I had the critters and knew I had  to act promptly.  I researched the best methods of treatment and decided on the heat, vs. chemical option.  I knew this would be a “big deal”, given the fact that I live in an apartment building.  The company quickly sent a representative (with dog) to assess the situation.  I was SO impressed with the understanding, empathy, and professionalism of Marvin. He spent a lot of time carefully checking out the bed, closet, living room  furniture, etc.  He assured me there was no infestation, and that the place was clear of bed bugs.  As you can imagine, I was very, very relieved.  Marvin also showed me samples (in a small tube), explained how to look for the bugs in hotels, and gave me other tips.  If need be, I would not hesitate to contact SBBS again.  Although I can’t comment on their heat treatment service, because I didn’t need it,  If all their reps are as professional, courteous and  customer service oriented as  Marvin,  this company is an excellent one.”5 star review


Susan – “The SBBS technician who came to our office was extremely professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and patient.   He was very careful with his inspection (he was accompanied by a dog trained to pick up bed bugs), answered the hundred questions we asked, and gave us very helpful advice.  We never felt rushed.  His diagnosis was that there was no evidence of bed bugs  — we really appreciated the company’s approach to an honest assessment.   We would recommend the company, and call them if a problem were to develop.”5 star review


David – “Our girl’s boarding school discovered bed bugs just as the new term began. One of the international students apparently gave them a ride in some luggage. Despite being 2 hours away SBBS came immediately and treated the dorm rooms and common spaces. Problem solved! We were so glad we used the dogs and heat treatment instead of the chemicals.”5 star review


Sara – “I had a great experience with SBSS! As many of the other posts note, if you’re having a bed bug scare, it’s not pleasant. My husband and I stayed at a hotel with bed bugs. We physically saw them. We took precautions when we got home, but the fear still lingered. I called SBSS and they came out that week with a dog. They explained the “facts” of bed bugs to us. I wish I had called the experts sooner! Very professional, helpful and courteous!”5 star review


Olivia – “If you have ever had a bed bug scare, you know how it can take over your life. Well, I wasn’t going to live like that any longer, wondering if there were creepy crawlies hiding out in my apartment after my boyfriend’s home was treated for infestation, so I called up SBBS to do a canine inspection of the place.

I called on a Friday afternoon and was able to book an appointment for 8:00am on Monday. They told me the price up front – $175 for inspection, which was the best $175 I’ve spent. They showed up promptly and asked for any suspicious signs – I showed them a bug i found and it was identified as NOT a bedbug (phew). Sunny was adorable and checked throughout the apartment. After about 30 minutes and a thorough search, no signs of bed bugs were found. Just in case for the future, I asked to see samples of actual bed bugs and traces of them, and they had them in vials. They were also able to answer my questions about how one picks up bed bugs, how to prevent them. All in all, the inspection was very assuring and professional.

I think anybody in this situation, whether you rule bed bugs out or confirm you have them and get prompt treatment would be extremely happy, but SBBS goes above in beyond in specializing in these pests and makes you feel certain they will get to the bottom of your worries!5 star review


Daniel – My wife and I were afraid we brought bed bugs back from a stay in London over the summer; we had guests coming and didn’t want to take our chances so we contracted SBBS for a screen. Our man arrived on time with the scent dog, and found a bug under our bed. It was a very small infestation (possibly as small as just a couple bugs) but we were tenants so went ahead and paid for the heat treatment. The peace of mind was a bonus, heat treatment is the only sure way to eradicate bed bugs. After a weekend cleaning, drying, and bagging every linen we owned, the 2 heat treaters arrived and spent the day on our apartment. I checked back once during lunch, but they had everything under control. Total cost was $175 for the screen and $1600 for the treatment; we have a 1-bedroom English basement in DC. | |Lesson learned: be careful on international travel, and if you believe you have an infestation do a test and treat. Worst case is you don’t have anything and are out $175. Best case is you catch an infestation early–it is much easier to treat then. We’d recommend SBBS for their good work if so. 5 star review



Hani – SBBS inspected and terminated my bed bug problem. If you have a bed bug problem and you need it fixed, SBBS is the solution. They have a great staff, very friendly, very professional. They have a good warranty. One thing I hate about some service providers is that after they are done and gone, we need to do allot of clean up. SBBS made sure they cleaned up and rearranged everything they way it was.5 star review



Melissa – My husband and I have had prior experience with bed bugs so we wanted to be safe when purchasing a new home. The technician showed up on time with his pooch, Sunny. He spent about 30 minutes searching the house from top to bottom and then reviewed with us what he found. Luckily we were bed bug free, however they found an abundance of carpet beetles. He showed us what they were and suggested how to deal with them. Superior only handles bed bugs so I did not feel like he was trying to sell me a plan or anything. Sunny was awesome. He was friendly and well behaved.5 star review



Nicole – The technician arrived on time and did a thorough search of the house with Sherlock. Confirmed visually what I suspected – that there were indeed bedbugs in my master bedroom. The technician was confident that the infestation was only a few weeks old and Sherlock the dog did not detect any evidence of bedbugs in any of my other rooms. I had the master bedroom and the two adjacent rooms heat treated and the bugs are gone without a trace over a month later. Heat treatment is not cheap, there is a lot of prep work that needs to be done as well as cleanup/set up after but that would be the case regardless of the treatment route you chose. How much would you pay for peace of mind? SBBS was the best solution to the most unpleasant problem of bed bugs.5 star review



David – Didn’t take long…went very well. Neither he nor the dog found any evidence of bedbugs, only a few harmless carpet beetles. I was concerned that he might” find” evidence so that he could then do the follow-up extermination. He was honest and professional…great job!5 star review



Mary – We had bed bugs one year ago that were eradicated by another company but we thought they had returned. The inspector and his dog checked all of the areas of our home, particularly the bedroom where we thought we had evidence of bed bugs.The inspector was very thorough and informed me that what we had experienced was not due to bed bugs. He showed me specimens of bed bugs and the residue they leave behind, and we did not have these.

He actually found a larva of a carpet beetle and explained that they can produce reactions on the skin that look like bed bugs. I had just thrown out a small piece of carpet that had been next to the bed, so that might have been the source of the carpet beetle larva.5 star review



Edith – Heat treatment of whole house to kill bed bugs. No bugs after treatment. Did an excellent job. Took longer than planned but they stayed until the job was completed. I knew from my research it was going to cost me but decided on this method because it is believed to be the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs. We tried a lot of chemical treatments ourself without success.5 star review



Kay – Their professional approach gave us great peace of mind that we did not have bed bugs. They also identified a different mysterious bug we found.5 star review