A Proven Bed Bug Removal Method

Bed bug infestations are traumatic and lead to significant distress. If you are suffering from a bed bug infestation you want the nightmare ended as quickly and possible. Our bed bug treatments combine heat and conventional methods to quickly eliminate bed bugs in all life stages.

Bed Bug Removal Method Near Me


The combination of intense, dry heat and targeted chemical application allow us to completely eradicate bed bug infestations. Bed bugs at all life stages including eggs are unable to survive in temperatures higher than 125 degrees. The heat released penetrates walls and permeates every square inch of an infested room to ensure that it is clean and clear of bed bugs.

Safe & Eco-Friendly

Our specialized heating equipment means that we can eliminate bed bugs with minimal chemicals. When we do use chemicals to kill bed bugs we elect the least toxic options and apply only where necessary. 

Our systems raise the temperature evenly throughout the home to 135 degrees. The kill temperature is enough to kill all of the bed bugs but a safe temperature for all of your belongings. We use dry electric heat and bring our own power source.


At SBBS we pride ourselves on the fact that no matter how large the home, we can completely eliminate an infestation in a single-day heat treatment.

Our bed bug removal method works by creating the perfect combination of dry, electric, and controlled heat to create a super charged convection oven which significantly reduces the time it takes to eliminate a bed bug infestation.


All of our vehicles and equipment are unmarked and our uniforms simply read SBBS so there is no reason for anyone to suspect that we are treating for bed bugs.

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Our Heat Treatments are the fastest, most effective way to eradicate bedbugs.