Canine detection is ideal for finding small objects and substances in large areas. This is why we use highly trained dogs to pinpoint bed bugs in homes, hotels, hospitals, and every other place imaginable.

Dogs are used in many industries for detection. With a smelling ability thousands of times more powerful than humans, dogs have been trained to sniff out narcotics, bombs, and cadavers to name a few.


Barker canine pageAccurate:

While severe bed bug infestations are easy to identify with the naked eye, bed bug eggs, nymphs, and recent infestations are especially difficult to find. Bed bugs can hide anywhere in the home. Pest control inspectors who are limited by their eyesight alone are thus only about 30% accurate when finding bed bugs.

A highly trained canine detection team can detect bed bugs at all life stages from viable bed bug egg to adult with up to 97% accuracy.

Rigorously Trained:

With over 200 million olfactory receptors in their noses canines are gifted sniffers. The natural abilities of our canines are disciplined and focused with over 500 hours of bed bug training from the FSI Academy.

Our canine teams then train daily in various environments to make sure that national standard are being met or exceeded.

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Not only are our canine detectives the best in the industry, so are our canine handlers. Each one is a bed bug specialist with extensive knowledge of bed bug biology and habits. Our handlers will walk you through the inspection process giving you a bed bug crash course. If our K9s alert, the area will be documented for further inspection by the handler. If bed bugs are found, the handler will make sure to show you visual evidence of any infestation and will provide you with a custom treatment plan to fit your needs.

Our canine teams are adept at inspecting both residential homes and apartments and commercial facilities such as hotels, apartment complexes, and office building.

K9 Detection Teams Can Detect Bed Bugs With Up To 97% Accuracy.