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April 13, 2016

Avoid vacation hitch hikers

With all the spring and summer trips, make sure to not bring back unwanted souvenirs. When travelling make sure to check your room for bed bugs. […]
April 8, 2016

You can have bed bugs and not know it. Here is what to look for

As the weather warms up, bed bug activity will increase. Be aware of it and learn how to look for them before they get into your […]
September 21, 2015

$100,000 awarded in historic Bed Bug settlement

One of the largest settlements, in history has been awarded to Pg County’s Stacey Belle by a jury after she woke up covered in bites in […]
September 17, 2015

Don’t let the bed bugs win!

Ignoring the signs only perpetuates the mythical stories about how bed bugs spread. If you suspect anything, have your house checked by a professional to make […]